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Standard Schedules Information Manual (Book)

Standard Schedules Information Manual
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Edition 2019
Effective Date Mar 1, 2019 until Feb 28, 2020


Edition 2019

The SSIM is the official set of standards, guiding the industry with recommended practices, messaging formats and data processing procedures that are to be used by all IATA member airlines and their business partners for the exchange of airline schedules, communication of airport coordination information and minimum connect time data. SSIM also includes industry code sets such as IATA Aircraft Types, Passenger Terminal Indicators, UTC-Local Time Comparisons and Region Codes required for SSIM messaging standards. SSIM standards are maintained by the Schedules Publication Group (SPG) in collaboration with the Slot Messaging Group (SMG) and the Minimum Connect Times Group. SSIM standards are made effective 1 March of every year and the Windows application receives updated content throughout the year, including Aircraft Types, Terminal Indicators and UTC/Local time data. New SSIM requirements and inquiries are to be forwarded to