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Dangerous Goods Regulations (eDGR) (Web Download)

Dangerous Goods Regulations (eDGR)
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Media Web Download
Language English
Edition 58
Effective Date Jan 1, 2017 , until Dec 31, 2017


Edition 58

The eDGR is now available as a convenient Web Download. No CD's. Just purchase an activation code here, and you're ready to download the eDGR direct to your computer.Enjoy the eDGR features: Web download straight to your Computer, Advanced searching, and sorting capabilities to locate specific sections faster and easier; An interactive, customizable section 4.2; UN number reports that bring together all necessary information on a given substance; User-friendly index for operators and state variations: a quick look-up of the most common operator or state variations of interest to the shipper; Graphics to illustrate the application of marking and labeling examples in section 7; Auto-update feature which keeps your eDGR current and up-to-date.For complete information on this product please go to