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Baggage Reference Manual (BRM) Multi-Format Subscription (Book & Windows)

Baggage Reference Manual (BRM) Multi-Format Subscription
Availability Available Now
Product Number 9748-03
Media Book & Windows
Language English
Edition 2018-19 (3rd)
Effective Date Jun 1, 2018 until May 20, 2019
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Edition 2018-19 (3rd)

Take advantage of this combo deal, for individual customer's only, and save up to US$ 370. There are 3 components: BRM Book, BRM Mobile, and the BRM Windows. For more information on the electronic formats, go to The Mobile format means you no longer have to worry about installation challenges and can now view the BRM on smart devices as well as PCs. It also works in offline mode. According to the SITA 2018 Baggage Report, the overall cost of mishandled bags to the industry was US$2.3 billion in 2017. Whilst, this is a sizable reduction on the US$4.22 billion mishandling cost racked up in 2007, there is still significant room for improvement. The BRM is designed to provide insight into the key features of baggage operations. It presents potential issues that might occur along a generic baggage chain and over 100 solutions to overcome them based global best practices developed during the IATA Baggage Improvement Program. Topics include: how to set corporate baggage policy, reference source for baggage tracing and claims offices, guidance on reducing mishandled baggage, understanding baggage tag design, chapter 2 from AHM focusing on baggage handling and baggage messages. Fore more info, go to IATA eLibrary is the new umbrella name for three electronic formats (Mobile, Windows & Floating License). To learn more, go to