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Airline Coding Directory (eACD) (CD-ROM)

Airline Coding Directory (eACD)
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Product Number 9994-87
Media CD-ROM
Language English
Edition 87
Effective Date Jun 1, 2016 , until May 31, 2017


Edition 87

Since 2013, the Airline Coding Directory is no longer available in printed version and has been replaced by the eACD, a web-based solution providing exactly the same information. The Monthly Bulletins in PDF are only available with the eACD (CD-ROM). This enhancement allows IATA to update the information such as new airlines, designators and location identifiers on a more frequent basis, i.e. from two times a year to 12 times a year. The Directory also includes ISO currency and country codes and lists contacts for minimum connecting time co-coordinators and airlines applying reconfirmation procedures. Both the airline codes (Chapter 1, Section 2) and the location identifiers (Chapter 11, Section 11.6) are available electronically in a web download format (ACSII Text updated daily) for integration in your organizations? systems. Please visit for more information, including system requirements.