About Global Data

About Global Data

Global Data Products are market-leading solutions helping to manage back-end business functions like reservations, reconciliations, accounting and revenue management, as well as sales and marketing activities essential to promoting your business on a global scale.

The power and flexibility of Global Data products derive from the data itself, a contact database of over 120,000 IATA agencies, all identified by their unique IATA Numeric code.
It is the most up-to-date, reliable and comprehensive resource to search for qualified business partners, enabling you to build, manage and maintain professional distribution channels worldwide.

IATA's Approach

For more than 60 years, through its global Agency Programs, IATA has been the custodian of a unique numbering system and contact database of qualified travel agency locations.
IATA's wordlwide network of regional offices rigorously maintains Global Data Products, providing more than 5,000 updates every month.

Who needs Global Data?

Global Data provides a unique opportunity for airlines, hotels, car rental companies, cruise lines, tour operators and tourism authorities to cost-effectively :

  • Manage and administer essential business activities
  • Perform business development activities to a preferred, qualified audience
  • Gain increased exposure and global reach
  • Simplify contact management with monthly automatic updates, and more

IATA's Global Data Products help travel and tourism suppliers run their businesses more efficiently.

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